Introduction To Voip

VoIP stands for VOICE OVER INTERNET PROTOCOL, and also known as IP telephony. It is a group of technologies and methodologies used to deliver voice communications and multimedia sessions over the internet. It helps people to make calls on internet by connect a phone to a network cable instead of a phone line. VoIP services provide people to connect and to talk each other around the world by enjoying cheap rates than traditional landlines, for example, nowadays smart phones are usually use for internet calls on different apps some people also use laptop and tablet to make a VoIP call. Many computers and internet devices have VoIP services in them to make easy something that are difficult with local phone company. The phone with VoIP makes easy to travel the world anywhere you want, connect it with internet and enjoy your incoming calls. It has two extreme and major reasons to use VoIP one is cheap rates facility and the other one is increased functionality. The concept of VoIP mainly targets of the transmissions of voice based messages and applications by using different protocols and is transmitted via internet.

How Voip Works

If you know what VoIP is, then you can receive your internet calls easily. It is the most rapidly growing voice communication solutions since 2018 but most of the people are still confused that how it works. VoIP (voice over internet protocol) helps you to turn your local phone calls into digital data that can be transmitted over the internet. VoIP is the method and technology that allows you to make calls anywhere you want by accessing your data network wirelessly. Years ago people used to send emails and files by the help of internet, VoIP service modernize this method by allowing them to send voice conversation by using the IP network with best voice quality and security. VoIP service is the revolutionary technology that provides you to make your long distance calls on computers, all you need is a headset or speaker and microphone, on the other hand you can also use your VoIP phone to connect with the people globally without paying a single penny.

Purpose Of Voip - Why Voip Is Used

VoIP phones or IP phone is a superb and advanced technology that converts your ordinary phone calls over the internet with economic cost. It’s a simple hardware and software based phone that transmit your voice over an IP network instead of public switched telephone network (PSTN). Some VoIP phones needs A/C adapters, while others use power over Ethernet (PoE). A number of protocols are needed to a VoIP phone in the process of the delivery of voice communications over the internet. The phone converts that same telephony audio into advance n digital format to place your simple phone calls over the internet all over the world. VoIP phones are low costing phones as compare to local phone companies with voice clarity and the best call quality, you can also take your VoIP phones with you anywhere you want to go with super fast internet connectivity. It’s also useful for sending images, video conferences, emails and fax. If company change their location and moves to a new place they don't need new landlines, they simply switch their VoIP phone connection with the high speed internet connection. Having a VoIP phone in your life makes your life easier.

What Is Voip Connection

Over the years people used to make calls with public switched telephones network (PSTN), but in this era it is considered an old concept. Nowadays VoIP connection proved itself in the world of technology. By having this connection you can save thousands of rupees that you spend on a local phone call. VoIP connections switch your analog telephony data into digital data and let you make calls directly from internet. There are several types of VoIP connections some of them are mentioned below:

a) Computer-To-Computer:

In this connection users should use the same service like Skype to make free phone call and video call on computer. The very first thing that you need to make calls on computer is a high speed internet, audio transmitting hardware like microphone and speakers and ofcourse and an account on Skype. This is the cheapest way to make calls on internet with voice clarity but if experience frequent call drops you should check your internet connection.

b) Computer-To-Phone:

As we read above, computer to computer calls are free of cost because VoIP service providers are not responsible for that set up, but in computer to phone this is where the profit is. In Computer to phone connection VoIP plan software collect your digital data from computer and convert it in analog so that it can be sent through telephone lines. This process is not free of cost but they charge a small fee from the users.

VoIP connection was made by ex Microsoft executives that can modernize our way of communication. This connection is going to take the place of local phone lines and they will become a history soon.

Benefits Of Voip In Business

VoIP service is the most famous technology in any kind of small n large business nowadays. This phone system is ideal for any business with lower cost, flexibility, accessibility, and voice quality. Use of VoIP in business has countless benefits discussed below.

a) Money Saving:

VoIP service is cheaper than ordinary phone lines. If you are a small business owner and you don't have enough money to waste on long telephone calls VoIP is the best choice for you. It has the capability to convert analog voice signal into digital packets of information. You must have a high speed internet connection to make a VoIP call with lower cost. You can make long distance calls with substantially less amount.

b) Best Call Quality:

Are you looking for excellent call quality? Try VoIP system in your business life that provides its users the best call quality with clarity. VoIP beats all traditional phone lines in quality so you can't recognize either you are calling on VoIP phone or a local phone.

c) Increased Mobility:

By having VoIP connection in your business life, you can travel easily where ever you want to. Business location can change without any effort of changing your telephone lines. With your VoIP connection any businessman can make a call, send images, and forward emails and fax anywhere in the world. In early era it took a lot of time to change phone lines to your new address but now VoIP services benefits high scale because they travel with you globally.

d) Multi-Function:

VoIP connection is better than other phone lines and performs number of functions at a time. Where the local phone companies only helps you to make calls, VoIP service provides you a lot of benefits to communicate in lower cost like video conferencing, teleconferencing, receiving and making calls and receiving voicemails and fax. A businessman can take advantage of these services at any place by just having a good internet connection.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Voip

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is obtaining a huge admiration in the corporate world, it has lots of advantages but as we know the thing with advantages do have disadvantages too. Here we discuss some advantages and disadvantages of VoIP services and how they impact in our lives.

Advantages Of Voip

VoIP is the method and technology that turns your voice in small packets of data over the internet. While the technology has countless advantages such as clear call quality, saving money, security, improvement of productivity and much more. Some of them are here;

a) Lower Cost:

This is the main reason and the biggest advantage of using VoIP. As we see in today's world rates are getting higher day by day, in VoIP service you only have to pay for the internet connection through which you can make voice and video call for free (computer to computer). VoIP service is moving forward in significant economic reduction for businesses.

b) Perfect Portability:

For a person who travels a lot, VoIP number is a tremendous choice for him/her. VoIP number is able to easily carry or move where ever you want to travel. It’s a portable option for all types of small and large businesses, no matter where you shift your business if you have a broadband connection you can boot up your VoIP phones to it and change the address without facing any difficulty.

c) Mega Characteristics:

VoIP allows you to enjoy the features such as call monitoring, extra number, forwarding voicemails and messages free of cost, while you have to pay for all these functions with ordinary phone services. There are many more rewarding features present with VoIP connection, Additionally, VoIP features helps you to get your business bigger.

Disadvantages Of Voip

We all live in the era of technology, where technologies are beneficial for us they have some un-favorable circumstances too. Yes, here we talk about the disadvantages of VoIP.

a) Trustworthy Internet Is Needed:

The very 1st need to make a VoIP call is to have a high speed internet connection with adequate bandwidth. Making calls on VoIP is basically rely on internet connection without having a reliable internet connection you are not suppose to enjoy the features of VoIP. In short, VoIP is useless unless you have a genuine internet connection.

b) Lack Of Reliability:

This is the major disadvantage of VoIP, weather the internet traffic is high or many of users use the website at same time call might drops. It’s not good for any business communication. For example; you are dealing with a client on call and must take a quick decision about your business, and website refuse to continue the call or it hangs it gives a bad impression on your client. Just for avoid this situation many of the businessman maintain ordinary phone lines to continue the business communication in a particular way.

c) Required Power Supply:

VoIP calls are not suppose to connect if the power goes out, dissimilar the typical phone lines the VoIP phone usually needs power supply. It could be a annoying situation if there is no power supply for large amount of time, just to keep away from this condition businessmen should install a stable power supply in office, to keep the permanent backup in place.