Video Conferencing Vs Business Travels

In past years video conferencing was a luxury that only used by some large size businesses, but now video conferencing is common in any kind of business. It reduces cost and time, boosts productivity, delivers faster problem solving and increased innovation. I accept that business travels can't totally be replaced by video conferencing, but it can save your travel time significantly. Meet a client face to face gives you the personal touch and gets to know them better, but this can be difficult when you have many offices in different places, scheduling face to face meetings can be costly and time-consuming. In this article, we plunge deeper into the various advantages of video conferencing and its powerful implementations on your business.

Video conferencing solution is the latest and advanced technology that allows you to work in an efficient way weathers its engaging remote workers, interviewing job candidates, managing suppliers and collaborating across the departments and locations. It allows meetings can be scheduled on short notice, so the participants in different countries can be able to attend it and the meeting can go on as scheduled and it could be more efficient. It also gives workers the benefit of work from home as needed. It helps to resolve the problem faster and expand the services for the client quickly, also get a quick answer to your mails.

Video conferencing provides a competitive solution to your business it has come to the point where it is considered necessary. A few years ago video conferencing needs expensive equipment, but now it’s become more common even you can carry it in your pocket by making video conferencing with your mobile phones and tablets with a high-speed internet connection. The biggest advantage of video conferencing in business is certainly boosting productivity and great efficiency, it can be conducted anywhere at any time you want as compared to personal meetings.

Video conferencing makes life easier and advanced by helping the companies to save a lot of time and money they wasted in the past years in unnecessary business traveling to collaborate with their employees and customers. Additionally, the main advantage of video conferencing is that it reduces traveling and a massive amount of time. According to a recent survey, it boosts 95% productivity and efficiency and reduces 90% travel requirement. Travel often is not only the wastage of time and money but it also makes the employees and workers tired and physically unhealthy so replace the business travels by video conferencing provides them good health and job satisfaction, the employees travel less and video conferencing more are not only good in health but also well productive.

Video conferencing is a fast, latest, advanced and secure way to communicate with your workers globally without spending a penny. When you travel for an unnecessary business meeting the expenses you bear are flying, driving, hotel rent, eating and also to cater attendees in meeting with snacks, coffee, and tea, by replacing traveling with video conferencing you can save your money to invest it in the right place.

You can bring the biggest benefit to your business by adding video conferencing in it. Listed below are some of the top benefits of video conferencing in business.

Travel Less

Traditional meetings consume a lot of money and time to travel to meet people personally, on the other side video conferencing facilitates you to arrange the meeting and assemble the attendees in a short time period anywhere, anytime all over the world. The time saved from traveling you can utilize it in a more productive way.


When it comes to local business meetings you have to invest your money in traveling, meal, transportation, and hotel rent. Organize video conferencing and you can get rid of these expenses. Video conferencing is less costly so that the money you save will put towards other business priorities.

Increased Productivity

In the past, you had to wait for the answer to a mail for a very long time, but now video conferencing helps you to communicate with your co-workers by making a quick video call and move on with your project. Projects can be done faster and the meeting becomes much shorter and efficient.


Video conferencing provide flexibility to the employees so they work more efficiently. It allows the employees to work from home by using their laptops, cell phones or tablets; all they need is just a great internet connection. If you can't attend the meeting for some reason, it allows you to join a video conferencing to take a quick decision on any matter.

Keep Work-Life Balance

Often business traveling can make you tired, exhausted and unhealthy; even you can't give time for your friends and family and keep busy in your work. Video conferencing supports work-life balance by providing you the facility to work without going out. So the employees enjoy a healthy life, job satisfaction and also get accompany with the family.

So we maintained tangible benefits of video conferencing above, we should thank the VC for that. Video conferencing contributes to the advancement of your business in less traveling. With the growth of video conferencing solutions in Pakistan, and expand the market demand, many more advantages will be seen in a gradual way. Take full advantage of this advanced technology.